Raw almonds bulk?

Almonds are one of the few alkaline nuts. They are delicious and nutritious in a mix of nuts, brittle almonds, nut milk and any recipe that requires raw almonds. Lighter in color, milder in flavor and smoother to chew than Livingston variety.

Raw almonds

are high in potassium and low in sodium that help maintain acceptable blood pressure.

Due to the high content of dietary fiber, organic almonds have a low glycemic index, which helps regulate the rate of absorption and processing of glucose when it enters the blood. Packed with protein and fiber, plus a wealth of beneficial nutrients, almonds provide a satisfying texture and a healthy profile to any snack mix, recipe, or application. California almonds are one of the most popular nuts available in the world and California produces more than 2 billion pounds a year. Tests by both an independent laboratory and Hummingbird staff indicated that these almonds will still sprout.

The flavor of an almond is as distinctive as its unique oval shape and its characteristic whitish color. The health benefits of almonds are extensive and are easily explained by their high nutrient, mineral and vitamin content. By choosing a bag of raw almonds for your snack, you'll make a smart dietary decision that will bring you multiple health-related benefits. Many love almonds because they have a high nutritional profile, great flavor, and are easy to incorporate into many recipes.

As always, the Argires Snacks team will pack your order with great-tasting almonds that are incredibly good to eat.

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