Will raw almonds sprout?

Truly raw almonds and peanuts will sprout, but those that have been pasteurized and irradiated will “activate when soaked, but they will not physically sprout.” However, soaking still removes antinutrients (compounds that can interfere with nutrient absorption), increases nutrient density, and produces nuts. Sprouted walnuts are raw nuts that have been soaked in water until they begin to germinate, which is the first stage of plant growth. Soaking the raw organic almonds until a little sprouts stick out, how nice, it will take 24 to 48 hours. This process releases enzyme inhibitors that make the nutrients in the nut more available to our body by releasing its phytic acid, which is an antinutrient that binds to minerals and prevents absorption.

Germination makes lipase available, an enzyme that helps break down inhibitors that block digestive enzymes. What is germination? Germination is the process of soaking almonds (or other nuts or legumes) in water for a long period of time. Raw walnuts contain enzyme inhibitors, and germination is thought to release the full nutritional potential of walnuts by allowing these inhibited enzymes to activate. Germination also facilitates the digestion process.

Fred Meyer and Trader Joe's bulk almonds use the steam method; my Fred's almonds are soaking as I type this. You can make fully sprouted almonds at home if you create a sterile environment, but most nuts will not fully sprout and therefore only soak. Let's start with the reason to buy organic products, and how soaking and germinating your raw organic almonds will increase your body's ability to absorb and utilize these minerals. Maybe I need to rewatch Le Miserab, not the Hollywood movie, since almonds are from Cali, and Cali is the Mormon stronghold, if you believe in westward expansion.

Put the almonds in a jar or bowl and fill them with water from a clean source, such as well or spring water. You can see how the almond is starting to outgrow its shell, so to speak, seen by the cracks at the bottom and along the sides. Before you start sprouting, know that eating raw, unsoaked almonds is still good for you. I soaked the almonds for two days and they sprouted, peeled them and tried some and they have a fermented flavor, no almond flavor.

Germination unlocks additional nutritional potential, but if you're struggling and just need a quick snack, ungerminated almonds are far superior to, say, Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Raw nuts and seeds have built-in natural defense mechanisms to protect them until proper growth conditions are met, including enzyme inhibitors, tannins and phytic acid.

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