What is the average price of almonds?

The price received from US Almonds is at a current level of 1.76, up from 1.71 a year ago. This represents a change of 2.92% compared to a year ago. After record rainfall in California and an increase in the shipping rate, world almond prices fell in the first week of January. On the contrary, almond price trends in China are on the downside as a result of low market sentiments due to the Chinese New Year.

In the third quarter, U.S. sellers were cautious about selling their supplies due to future droughts, leading to price increases in the region. Just because almonds can be expensive at face value doesn't mean you can't find other ways to buy them at cheaper prices. Due to increasing shipping problems and labor shortages, California almond prices trended.

Crop reception had been slow, almond prices were low, and declining stocks in Europe were a bullish factor in the almond market.

Estelle Shawcroft
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